Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My baby is 2 months old!

I can't believe how fast time has flown.

It seems like just yesterday I was holding Owen in my arms for the first time and my heart felt as though it was literally BURSTING with love for this tiny being I grew inside me. Since then I have come to the realization that my heart did not burst, but grew, and it continues to grow with each and every smile, coo, and even cry that Owen makes.

Owen at 2 months
You are so strong!- on the very day you were born, you lifted your head off my chest, and you've only continued to amaze me and Daddy with your strength and desire to move. You are never in the same spot you started your nap when you wake up. We think you're gonna be an early crawler, like Mommy.
You are so big!- you'd never guess that my chunk of a baby had trouble latching on and lost so much weight at first that the doctors tried to convince me to supplement. Now your greatest talent is nursing, and I couldn't be more proud of the great eater that you are. I love hearing people say "he's so sturdy!" and "he looks much older than 2 months!"
You are a happy baby!- you have become so alert in the past week. I love talking to you, and watching you really listen, and then reply with the sweetest "a-goo" "ahhh" "ohhh" or "gahh." And nothing is greater than seeing your big, gummy smile. (even though you make me work for it!)
You have a temper!- it's amazing to see you come into your own. You are starting to have a unique personality, and we are starting to see your fiery temper! You let us know when you are unhappy, and you want it fixed FAST. I love that you are becoming your own person, but I'm nervous for what this will bring at 1, 5, or 16 (yikes!) years old.
You love Mommy!- and, oh, how I love you! It melts my heart to see you search for me when someone else is holding you, or feel your whole body relax when you're upset and handed back to me. I cherish these moments because I know that a time will come (all too soon) when you don't want me to hold you or kiss you or rock you to sleep.

At your check-up today:
13lbs 10oz 95th percentile
23in 50th percentile

I can't wait to see what the rest of your first year brings.

<3 Mommy

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