Tuesday, July 9, 2013


disclaimer* because of my hatred for blog post without pictures, this one is broken up with random photos of O eating frozen berries and my parents keeping him happy at Beau's graduation

In the months of June and July:
-we made our first offer on a home
-we were out bid. But fear not! We soon realized our love affair with that house was sooo not meant to be considering the $16k + work it needed put into it.
-we made our second offer on a home
-the sellers counter offered
-we countered back
-a contract was signed!
-Owen teethed like a crazy person
-Beau graduated from the police academy! I am beyond proud of that incredible man I married and was so honored to pin on his badge at the ceremony
-Beau had shoulder surgery leaving him in a sling for 4-6 weeks and putting him on light duty for 10-12 weeks
-Owen decided that two naps is one too many and spent about 12 out of 24 hrs crying and fussing and just being generally grumpy about it for a week
-my poor one armed, drugged up, husband watched on as I tried and failed to sooth our grumpy goose
-we discovered that this pregnancy might be a little more complicated than expected
-spent a few days in tears, worrying, anxiously awaiting our next ultrasound
-lots of time in prayer and finally gained the courage to put it all in God's hands
-back and forth and back and forth get things from and giving things to the lender to keep the closing on schedule
-had a few scary symptoms
-put on bed rest until symptoms go away and pelvic rest for 3 weeks
-packing up our few possessions as the closing date quickly approaches
-prepping for Owen's first birthday party (my mom keeps telling me I shouldn't be making so much work for myself, but I've been dreaming up this party since before O was born. It has to be perfect!)
Life seems to be getting busier by the day, and I am starting to think these hectic summer days are just a preview of how crazy life is going to be with two babies under two. And to tell you the truth, although it was I-want-to-pull-my-hair-out stressful for a week or so there, I'm kinda starting to love the chaos. I guess that's really because it doesn't feel so chaotic any more.
I am very happy to share that Owen has now made the transition to one nap a day. We have a lovely routine going. Diaper change, saying night-night to the world as we close the blinds, nursing, laying down with blankie and piggy, sitting up to watch mommy leave, "nigh-night, I love you"s, and blowing kisses. He doesn't make a peep! Those days when I dreaded nap time seem so far in the past and I love it.
We hopefully *fingers crossed* close on Friday. We drove by the house after our date last night {I know, we're creepy :)} and it was empty! The previous owners were moving things out and the sign was out of the yard. This is forreal ya'll! We're going to be homeowners!!!
Owen's party is Saturday and everything is slowly falling into place. I spent 4+ hours on rainbow jello on Monday night and spent about the same amount of time baking his 6 layer cakes yesterday. I'll wake up early on Saturday to ice it. It is so worth it though. Everything is turning out just how I wanted it.  
I hope I remember to take (or have someone take) lots of photos and I'll be back to post them next week!
^^ P.S. How gorgeous are my parents? ^^

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