Thursday, June 6, 2013

Finally a 10 month update

Owen, my tiny squishy newborn, is 10 months old! 
Well, technically, he's more like 10 nd 1/2 months old now, but for the purposes of this post, he's simply 10 months old.
This is his favorite face to make. He is still such a huge ham and will do anything for a laugh. He really has the greatest personality. You can't help but be happy when you're around him, because he is always so happy. 

We just started putting him to bed without rocking him to sleep first. It was surprisingly painless. He cried for 8 minutes the first night and cries for under a minute almost* every time since. He is still an amazing night time sleeper. Most nights he goes down around 7pm and sleeps until at least 8am. Naps are hit or miss. Some days he does great- two 2hr naps- other days not so much- one 30min nap. 
*As long as he has his loveys he's good.

His appetite has waned a little. He drinks 2-3 8oz bottles of formula and nurses 2-3 times. He loves a big breakfast and a pretty big lunch but is normally not that interested in dinner. He would eat his snacks all day though!

He is a speed crawler! Especially when he sees something/someone he really wants. It's amazing how fast that kid can zip across the floor! He pulls up like a pro, climbs over and under anything in his way, and cruises around the furniture. Still no steps, but I'm not rushing him. The last thing I need is for him to be more mobile!
His favorite things right now:
His bottle- if he sees it he's not happy until he gets it
The shape sorter- he loves taking the shapes out and putting them back in the little opening
The playground in the mall- the last time we went he crawled around for almost an hour without ever looking back to see  if I was still there. Mr. Independent!
This little piggy- he wiggles his toes for more
Screaming at the top of his lungs- I swear he's gonna give himself a sore throat! He thinks it's hilarious though, and my siblings love to encourage him :/
Aunt Mary- she is seriously his absolute favorite! I really wish I had a video of his reaction to seeing her walk in a room. It's the sweetest most hilarious thing. If nothing else will cheer him up, she always will. I don't know what we're gonna do when we move!
He had his first ear infection this month. He has always pulled on his ears when he's tired, but he was acting really fussy and messing with them more than usual and had a fever. I hate seeing my poor pumpkin sick. The doctor prescribed him an antibiotic and he was better in a matter of days, thank God!

I think these photos do a pretty good job of explaining why I have zero time for blogging these days. When I'm not busy chasing this little tornado around I'm resting and reminding myself to take care of myself and the baby I'm growing inside of me. 
The ONLY time he isn't moving at 100 mph

In other news we're busy trying to find our first home. It's crazy how fast things are getting scooped up around here so we're having to move fast to try to find something in the area we want- close to my parents and our church.
Beau is getting crazy close to graduating. Like 14 days close! Then he has his surgery on the 27th and will hopefully heal quickly and be out on the streets by the middle of July. 
Little Liza is growing well. I'm still not gaining weight which makes me uneasy, but the doctor says it's a good thing. Hopefully it just means I'll have a lot less than the 50lbs I had to burn off after Owen was born.

So there's my "update." God only knows when I'll have time to make another one. Hopefully I'll do better and make one semi close to O's 11 month birthday. 
11 months? Ahhh! It's getting way to close to him being a year old! 

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