Saturday, May 25, 2013

You're not gonna believe this...

Baby Finn is not actually Baby Finn.

We went in for our gender recheck this morning (remember how we went the day before mother's day and the lady was 95% sure it was a boy but she wanted us to come back in two weeks so she could be 100% sure, but all along Beau and I were 100% sure because we saw the ultrasound and there was definitely something sticking out there.) and the little boy part we thought we saw before was GONE. 
Baby Finn is a girl! Which means she is no longer Baby Finn but Elizabeth Ann. Baby Liza. Or Little Lizzy as my dad has already nicknamed her.

I was so excited to be having another boy, but I can't even describe the happiness I felt when I realized the baby we were looking at was my little girl. I burst into tears of joy.

Little Liza will be so well loved and protected by her big brother and police officer daddy and of course, by me . I am, above all, excited to form a close relationship with her like I have with my mom.

Now excuse me as I return to daydreaming about the frilly dresses and dance classes that are in my not so distant future.


  1. Craazzy!! But how wonderful!! What fun it will be to have a big bro and a little sister :)) I had a big bro growing up and loved it! Love her name!

  2. How exciting! Girls are the best, especially ones named Elizabeth!

  3. Ow wow congrats that is super excited!

  4. That's great! And it's better than two of my female friends. Their parents found out they were girls (and not the previously confirmed boys) when they were born.

  5. Congratulations! How very exciting! <3

  6. Oh my heavens, congratulations! So exciting!! I'm brand new to your blog so I'm just curious, how far along were you with your first ultrasound? I was dying to find out the gender of our baby girl at 18 weeks by my doctor made us wait until 20 weeks. He said that something (I don't remember what) can swell up to look like a little boy part, but then the swelling goes away and surprise! It's a girl :) I didn't totally believe him, I thought he was just coming up with a really good excuse to make me wait 2 more weeks... ha ha!


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