Tuesday, March 26, 2013

8 months

Owen turned 8 months yesterday! i'm still kind of in shock. you'd think by now these month birthdays wouldn't sneak up on me, but they still do. every time.

this month flew by and all of a sudden my little baby is starting to seem like such a big boy. 

  • he is this close to crawling. he'll go from sitting/laying down on to his knees and rock or push backwards, but he hasn't quite figured out how to move forward yet.
  • he was never a fan of rolling until this month. now diaper changes, nursing, getting dressed are all challenges cause this little man just doesn't want to lay still.
  • the separation anxiety has begun. i can no longer be more than 5ft away from him without tears being shed. and normally that isn't even enough, i have to be holding him. when we're on the floor playing he'll climb into my lap. if i'm somewhere else in sight it's "uh uh uh" with his hands reaching for me to pick him up. for the most part i love it. i love knowing how much he loves me and wants me near, but on the other hand it makes previously easy tasks (i.e. going to the bathroom, going to get something from another room, getting things done while he plays alone) almost impossible. 
  • i made him his first meat puree. i mixed ground turkey with black beans and mango and he loved it! he also loves when we give him little pieces of tuna and salmon and chicken.
  • the constant drool and everything going straight in him mouth has continued throughout this month and still no tooth. did any of you have little one who teethed for over 4 months before getting a tooth?
  • he is a little chatter box. he is constantly talking. while he's playing, while he's eating, in the car, at church, at story time. the guy has got a lot to say and he ain't afraid to say it!
  • he loves watching other kids. especially big boys. he'll just stair at them and follow them has they play and then every once in a while he'll get excited and shout out at them like he saying "hey! you look like fun! can i play with you?"
  • every week we go to gymboree and the library. most weeks they have toddler time at the library and that's lots of fun and then we check out new books and music for the week. gymboree has been awesome! O loves it and i really enjoy getting out and being active. and it's nice that we both get to socialize.

weight- 21.5lbs
height- 29in
clothes- 9-12m
diapers- size 4


  1. He is too cute! Absolutely adorable!
    My daughter didn't crawl until she was 8 months, either, but she was walking at 11. It was completely unexpected for me, because, like your son, she waited to roll over until just before she started crawling.
    She also did the teething but not cutting teeth this for 5 months. Started at 3 months and didn't see even a bump or a white spot until 8 months.
    Enjoy watching him grow!

  2. He is so sweet! That smile! Awwwww, love these photos! Happy 8 months to Owen! <3

    It took Ethan a good 3 months of miserable drooling before he got his -- eye teeth? The pointy ones. I thought they'd never come in!


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