Thursday, March 7, 2013

it's ok..

Its Ok Thursdays
life's been a little hectic lately, so i'm gonna take some time to say it's ok.
it's ok...

...that i wore sweats or yoga pants all but one day this week love and hate the bachelor all at the same time
...that AshLee bugs me way more than Tierra does forget what i'm saying while i'm in the middle of a sentence. where is my brain these days? love when my hubby comes home all hot and sweaty.. as long as he keeps his distance! i like the view, not the smell ;) buy the fake girl scout cookies from wal mart cause they're way cheaper! eat said cookies periodically throughout the day. i swear they taunt me from the kitchen! be ridiculously excited for Owen's first Easter and already have everything ready have bought all that Easter stuff before O was born be pissed off when people decide that your news is theirs to tell, even when specifically told not to. want private things to stay private
...that i'm typing this with one hand because i'm eating cheetos with the other and definitely don't want orange crumbs all over my laptop miss O when he sleeps for longer than an hour during the day

can you blame me?


  1. I am a sweats and yoga pants fanatic!! I totally feel the same way about my hubby!HI babe your finally home now go shower!!

  2. bahahah the sweaty husband thing is so true.
    Man in uniform, glistening, please.
    Man in uniform who smells like a garbage disposal - uh, no.

    I hate when private things are made public.
    hate, hate, hate.
    I'm not sure why that one stuck with me.



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