Tuesday, March 5, 2013

life lately...

so i haven't sat down to write in what feels like forever!
life has gotten a little crazy busy lately.
Owen has decided that sleep during the day should never last more than 45 min. so that gives Mommy just enough time to clean up the mess that was made while he was a wake before he wakes back up and does it all over again. 
all the while, i have been exhausted lately and not feeling so hot either. so when i'm not busy with O or cleaning i'm trying to get a little rest so i can hopefully start feeling better soon!

all that being said, life has been wonderful lately
O has been growing like a weed and he's becoming more like a toddler and less like a baby each day.
he officially hates eating pureed food and only wants food he can hold in his hand
if i'm spoon feeding him, after one or two bites he'll throw his hands up and his head back and scream... yeah... 

unfortunately i don't even have any instagram pictures to catch you up on our life lately because i've been MIA there too. 

i will leave you with a couple half-naked photos, because he hates getting dressed these days too. 
( i don't mind. he's absolutely adorable nekkid!)

check out that belly!

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