Friday, March 8, 2013

spring is in the air today

and i couldn't be happier!

i'm one of those people who's mood is totally affected by the weather and the cold rainy days we've been having lately have made me nothing short of crabby. i'm sure there are other factors (actually i know there are other factors) but the weather hasn't been doing anything to help the situation.

until today...

today the sun is shining bright and the blue sky is clear. the temperature is so nice outside that we decided to pry open the windows and let the fresh air blow through the house.

ahhh, fresh air. i've missed you!

with the windows open wide we can hear the wonderful noises of the outdoors. the sweet birds chirping, the faint barking of the spotted dog that lives a few houses down, the purring motors of lawn equipment as our neighbors prepare their yards for the spring.

and i'm finding that as i listen to these noises, the glorious soundtrack of spring, my mood is slowly brightening. 30 minutes into it, i realized i was deep cleaning Owen's bedroom. and i wasn't miserable! 
i can feel it. the change in the seasons is here.

welcome spring!
i'm so glad you decided to arrive early!


  1. Today was our first warm day after a slew of strangely cold days in Florida, and I'm with you! How nice it was, even if it was HOT in the afternoon.

  2. Hey Girl! I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Hope your having a wonderful weekend!! xoxo

  3. I am right there with you! My mood is TOTALLY affected by the weather! I am at my best when it is warm and cloudy (preferably with a thunder storm.. no rain necessary... just thunder :))

  4. I love Spring. It just makes me feel so much more alive. Although I will say that it takes me a while to adjust to any new season. I feel like sometimes I have reverse seasonal anxiety disorder because it feels like so much "to do" before a new season starts. But I'm probably a little bit more crazy than the average person.

    Stopping by from SITS


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