Monday, February 25, 2013

7 months

i am in complete disbelief that Owen is 7 months old today. where did my infant go? the tiny person who slept all day, wrapped in a swaddle. the little angel who had to be woken up to eat because otherwise he was "happy to starve." 
nowadays my big little man fights sleep, hates being held tightly, and would eat all day if you let him.
the fact that he's over half way through his first year is blowing my mind a little bit...

O grows and changes so much every month, but especially this month.

milestones and firsts:

  • he is now an expert sitter and loves to rock on all fours. i would not be surprised if crawling came in this next month (no matter how nervous that makes me).
  • his absolute favorite activity these days is standing. i wrote a whole post on that last week.
  • he still refuses to roll over unless he's in his crib. he can roll both ways, just doesn't like to. 
  • he loves music and dancing. one of his favorite things is to play the piano. we have a musical prodigy on our hands!
  • as of last week he is saying "dada." we know he isn't saying it with meaning yet, but it's still exciting and oh so cute.
  • he has started staying in the church nursery while Beau and i take FPU on saturday mornings. i'm still a nervous wreck about it, but does great!

anything and everything he gets his hands on still goes straight into his mouth to get gnawed on, but still no sign of teeth...
having no teething isn't holding him back in the eating department though. we've gone from mostly purees and a few finger foods to hardly any purees and most meals being eaten off of Momma's plate. i am so impressed by his love of all foods. he tries any new food without hesitation and has yet to try something he doesn't like (besides nasty jarred baby food)
some of his new favorites are lentils and tomatoes.

he is such a happy baby. he spends all day "talking" and squealing to anyone/thing that will listen.
he has started to have a little bit of separation anxiety. he is fine playing on his own unless he sees me, then it's all over until he's in my arms. i don't mind at all, it just means the house ain't gonna get cleaned!

weight- ~20 lbs*
height- ~28in*
clothes- 9-12m
diapers- size 3
*no dr appt. this month. measured height and weight at home.


  1. Wow! So big! I love that you take each month's picture with that owl--it's so fun to see him grow in comparison to it. How fun that he is such a good eater! So many moms will envy you for having a non-picky eater.

  2. He's getting so big!! Don't you wish you could just freeze time for a minute? KJ is 4 months and in 9-12 month sleepers... Where did our newborns go?!

  3. He is so cute! Happy 7 months, sweet Owen!

  4. He is adorable! Great pictures! And he totally weighs more than my 19 month old (who is obviously TINY...)

    I nominated you for the leibster award


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