Monday, April 22, 2013

it can only go up from here!

so last week was rough. i'm pretty sure something sucky happened every day.

monday- the horrific bombings in Boston.
tuesday- Beau had to get pepper sprayed for his training. it was rough. yesterday his eyes were still bothering him from it.
wednesday- the Texas explosions and Beau sprained his shoulder during defensive tactics training and got sent home early.
thursday- the doctor confirmed it was a bad sprain and he was given a sling and told to take it easy on that shoulder. yeah, right! he job does not allow him to "take it easy."
friday- i completely jinxed myself by telling everyone the my morning sickness was over and i drove all across creation to pick up a $20 box of produce that could not have been worth more than $10. 
saturday- i spent the morning in tears/fighting back tears because Owen now cries and reaches for me when i hand him over to the ladies in the nursery. if i though i knew what heartbreaking felt like before, i was wrong. it was truly heartbreaking and physically painful. it sucked. a lot.
sunday- along came the morning sickness to say "oh, you thought you were done with me? not a chance!" it came back with a vengeance!

laying under the fan after the pepper spray. he couldn't even open his eyes, poor guy.

so here's hoping that this week is even just a little bit better than last. 

(this is just my whiny feel sorry for myself post. obviously good things happened last week too. but a happier weekend update will have to wait until tomorrow, since most of the pictures have yet to be uploaded from Beau's phone)

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  1. Oh no!! Hope you have a better week! Did you have morning sickness with your first pregnancy?? And what training is he doing... doesn't sound fun :(


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