Wednesday, April 17, 2013

what my loved one says about me

i'm linking up with Becky for "what my loved one says about me." after a lot less pleading than i thought it would take, Beau agreed to make his blogging debut and write a post listing 10-20 facts about me. i think he did pretty well!

so apparently all these bloggers (such as my wife) are trying to pull the spouses (me) into this wonderful world of blogs by MAKING (just kidding) us write a list of things that many people don't know about them. if you haven't guessed it yet i'm Beau, Katie's husband. i'm not really good at all this blog stuff or anything that has to do with me writing, my spelling and grammar suck so i wouldn't be surprised if this is proof read before its posted. it was :) anyways here's my list.

Oh p.s. this is supposed to be 10 to 20 facts..... well see..

  1. Katie has the most beautiful singing voice and it brightens my day every time she sings
  2. when she raps she likes to throw "gang signs" in the air
  3. Katie might say she doesn't know what shes doing but she's so good at everything that she can play it off real good
  4. she is just like her mother, if her mom looked into the mirror she would see Katie on the other side
  5. she has many different faces to answer you but three you learn fast- happy, angry, and play anger 
  6. that she has the most loving heart
  7. her smile is breath taking 
  8. she hates me taking photos of her even if she asked it's true. i'm not very patient and kind of a perfectionist
  9. she has so many shoes that even after building her a shoe rack 4 ft tall and 4 ft wide all the shoes don't fit
  10. she loves her blog so much that even after i was sprayed with pepper spray for work and i cant keep my eyes open to save my life i had to write this.... its okay i offered 
  11. her mental strength is amazing
  12. she truly loves my jeep even though she wants to get rid of it i'd love to have a house more
  13. she would rather bake then cook 
  14. she has the best teeth with no flaw but the biggest sweet tooth
  15. every time she goes to the groceries store she stops at the "oops we baked to much" 

my husband is a hunk and is the best ever for doing this for me even though i know he hates stuff like this. i love you babe!

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