Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Update


Friday began with my last Familia meeting for this "year." We'll start back up in the fall. Owen did better in the nursery this time, but he's still having a little separation anxiety. I'm having a lot. Thus is the life of a mommy. He cries for 5 minutes, I cry for 10. I know that this is just a phase, for both of us, but it's still a difficult one.
We went home to try to get some sleep, but he wasn't having it so we headed out to the park to soak up the last little bit of sunshine before the rain moved in for the weekend.
We found this new park that apparently no one knows about, because we were the only ones there. It was pretty awesome having the whole playground to ourselves and not having to worry about some big kid running Owen over. This is definitely our new favorite park. I mean they have astro turf and shade! What more could you want?!

Saturday was a busy day. Daddy spent the morning fixing things around the house. O and I "helped" by staying out of the way :) In the afternoon we went to Aunt Mary's soccer game to cheer her on. They didn't win, but she scored two goals! She rocks! From there we drove up to the outlet mall to do some shopping. I got some great deals at the Hanna Anderson and Pac Sun outlets. O was such a trooper staying out way past his bedtime.

Sunday was a rainy, gloomy day. We slept in cause that's what you do on rainy mornings. We went to Mass and then helped out with Catholic Camp registration and then spent the rest of the day lazing around at home. It was really pretty perfect.

How was your weekend?
We have a crazy busy week ahead of us!

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  1. Hi Katie, it's Becky from Familia. Where is this park? If you don't want to put it on here, email me at schuppepartyoften at windstream dot net


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