Friday, April 26, 2013

preparing for a little one- birth story

Preparing For A Little One

happy friday y'all!
today i'm linking up with Kaitlyn for her "preparing for a little one" mini series. this weeks topic is birth stories and whether or not you should have a birth plan.

you can read Owen's entire birth story here, it is long but beautiful.
that day was literally the best day of my life thus far. nothing compares to the high that comes with giving birth. i actually enjoyed it so much that i can't wait to experience it again with Baby 2. i'm not a huge fan of being pregnant but it is all worth it for that one day and of course the lifetime that comes after it.

as for having a birth plan, i would highly recommend it. not because you should have everything planned out and follow your plan to the T, because yeah... that didn't happen. birth plans are important because its nice to prepare and have some idea of how you hope your labor will go. it is also SO important to get on the same page with your spouse and doctor and anyone else who will be joining you in the delivery room.
i recommend using this template. it basically covers everything before during and after delivery.

if you have a little one link up your birth story too!

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