Monday, April 1, 2013

weekend update

we had a busy weekend full of fun and family time.

we spent friday night as usual with pizza and a movie. thank goodness this was the last friday of Lent because i miss my pepperoni pizza!

saturday morning i wasn't feeling so hot. (i've been having some nausea with this pregnancy which is totally different from my pregnancy with O where i wasn't nauseous once.) since i couldn't even roll myself out of bed, my fantastic husband packed up the diaper bag and took Owen to watch his Aunt Mary's soccer game. I'm so lucky to have such a caring husband! 
thankfully that afternoon i was feeling much better and was able to go with my mom and sister to get our nails done. when we got home Beau was ready to go for a run at the park. i packed up a picnic and we invited Aunt Mary to join us for some fun at the park! Mary and i pushed O on the swings and carried him around the playground so he could check everything out. once Beau finnished his run we laid a blanket in the shade and had a nice picnic. 

that evening my mom, Mary, and i went dress shopping with my sister-in-law to be. she found the perfect dress for her and my brother's courthouse wedding this afternoon!

sunday was of course Easter and we spent the morning cuddling in bed. right before we gave O his Easter my camera's battery died. i'm so mad at myself for not thinking to charge up the battery the night before. so all we have is one decent picture and the rest are all cellphone pics of O's first Easter. we went to the 12:30 Mass and then out to lunch. it was really nice to spend most of the day just the three of us. for dinner we went over to Beau's parents apartment and had a big feast. they always make a ton of food when we come over, which is nice because we always get to bring home leftovers. 

all in all we had a fun busy weekend. just how i like them!
how was your weekend?

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