Tuesday, April 23, 2013

our happy weekend

okay so i got all my feeling sorry for myself out in yesterday's post so today i'm going to recap the beauty in our weekend.

friday night beau and i had an in home date night. we ate pizza and baked delicious maple bacon cupcakes while listening to music and dancing. it was so much fun. i love my hubby! i mean seriously... he BAKES with me!

saturday morning we had our last FPU class and a little party after. we are sad for the class to be over but happy to have our saturday mornings back! when we got home Beau put Owen down for a nap and about 15 min. later we heard him babbling... when we peeked in this is what we saw

yup, my baby is standing up in his crib now. it is so precious and exciting, but also terrifying and really messes with sleep time. 
in the afternoon we just hung out and i made 7-min microwave caramels. they. are. to. die. for.

sunday we went to Mass and then helped out with Catholic Camp registration. i am so excited for it! i seriously look forward to it all year. after lunch we went for a hike in the woods with some of my family. it was nice to be out in the fresh air, and Owen loved getting to ride on Daddy's back! for dinner we took Mary and Michael to steak-n-shake cause Momma was craving a milk shake! Owen got his very own kids meal and loved it!


the whole weekend was pretty great but the highlight had to be discovering Owen's hidden talent... naked piano playing

those clenched cheeks! i die.

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