Wednesday, January 2, 2013

5 months

our little O was five months old on christmas day. it just hit me today though, i cannot believe how big he is. it's hard to even remember him as a tiny infant because he is just such a silly, rambunctious, big, baby with so much personality

weight- ~17.5 lbs 50-75%*
height- ~26in 25-50%*
clothes- 6-12m
diapers- size 3**
*no dr appt. this month. measured height and weight at home.
**he's now wearing overnight diapers to bed, otherwise the bed is soaked in the mornings

this boy... he is such a little chatterbox. when he wakes up from his naps he just starts talking to himself, or the sheets, or the bumper, or the mobile, i don't know, but he's talking. in his car seat  if he isn't asleep, he's talking to his little froggy friend who hangs out there with him. i swear he holds conversations with me. he'll talk and then i'll respond while he listens, and then he'll respond again. it's so amazing!

he also loves music. we sing and dance almost daily and we always listen to classical music while he eats. he loves it! when i sing to him he'll sing along too with the sweetest voice you've ever heard. and in the car, if he's fussing, Daddy just turns on some country music and he's happy as can be. (i think that's because of all the country i listened to while pregnant with him)

our OB has quite the personality. he is such a goofball, blowing raspberries and giggling at everything and nothing. he's quick to smile at faces he recognizes, like mine, Dada's, and Aunt Mary's. and anyone else doesn't have to do much more than smile at him to get a smile back. this little man also has a bit of a temper though. it doesn't take long once he starts to get upset for him to be full blown pissed off! he gets especially mad when his bottle ends or he finishes his solids, and i would just keep feeding him until he was full, but he would eat all day if i let him.

this past month he has developed so much cognitively. he grabs for anything and everything in sight and has especially taken an interest in his feet. he loves to play on the floor with lots of different toys to explore, and has become much more comfortable on his stomach than he used to be. he loves when Mommy claps for him and his favorite game is peek-a-boo. he also loves books, not necessarily listening to the stories, but exploring the pages and especially tasting them. he has started leaning backwards as far as he can while Mommy is holding him to see things behind him and can sit on his own for a few seconds while leaning forward to support himself. 

O still loves his jumperoo but his absolute favorite activity is bath time especially now that he's graduated from the sink to the "big boy" tub. he loves to grab his dinosaur bath toys and chew on their arms while kicking and splashing all the other toys around. 

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