Wednesday, January 23, 2013

january birchbox review

for those of you who don't know what birchbox is, it's a beauty box that comes straight to your mailbox once a month, full of the latest beauty and style products catered specifically to you. 
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i was so excited to get my birchbox in the mail last week.

embryolisse 24-hour miracle cream: this stuff is a great moisturizer, especially for me- i have sensitive skin that can get really dry in the winter. 

100% pure nourishing body cream: i think it's awesome that this product is so natural. it's even vegan! but... i didn't like the scent (smelled like one of those sugar cookie candles) and my hands felt really oily after using it. 

ojon total hair therapy: this product is great! it gives my hair a pretty shine without leaving it looking greasy. the heat protection is an added bonus!

aerie shimmer fragrence: i'm usually really picky with perfume, but i love this scent! it's so light and fresh.

eyeko skinny liquid eyeliner: this is definitely my favorite product this month! i normally have a really hard time with eyeliner, especially liquid, but this liner goes on so easily and doesn't smudge!

it never gets old getting a a box full of beauty surprises each month!

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