Friday, January 4, 2013

a prayer request

i don't know if anyone noticed but i've been mia since the new year, posting only a scheduled 5 month post for Owen. on new years day something terrible happened to my brother and i have to admit that blogging just hasn't been on my priority list since then. i've debated whether or not to post about this, and i won't go into too much detail, but my brother needs your prayers so here i am asking for them.

early new years day, around 3am, my brother 19y/o brother was jumped by multiple men. he was stabbed in the back multiple times and kicked and beaten. thank god he had a small knife to defend himself and escape his attackers, who were going to kill him. these men and their friends then told the police that my brother had gone on a "stabbing rampage" and he was arrested on 5 counts of aggravated assault.
my innocent brother is now sitting in jail while these sick men roam free.
my family has been working non-stop to get my brother released and these men arrested.

what i am asking of you is that you keep my brother and our family in your thoughts and prayers.

thank you.

p.s.- sorry for my lack of eloquence, it's been difficult to think straight lately. 


  1. i will definitely pray for you, him, and your family. i'm so sorry you all have to go through this and i pray everything works out that his story is heard and believed.

  2. Oh Katie, I'm so sorry! Your family will definitely be in our prayers and we will pray that justice will come through.

  3. Keeping you guys in my prayers!!

  4. Oh my, that is awful - I'm so sorry! Keeping your brother, you & your family in my prayers x

  5. That is absolutely awful! Your brother and your family are in our thoughts. <3

  6. Hey! I followed you through the "I Love my Post" blog hop! So glad I found your blog, i'm a new follower :) Come follow back if you'd like!

  7. I will pray for the family! All will be well.

  8. Katie, we will dutifully pray in agreement with you that your brother heals from his wounds and that the deception of the five other men is revealed.


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