Monday, January 21, 2013

weekend update

friday was a great day! this week was a familia (my bible study group) week and chatting and praying with those ladies never fails to give my soul a boost. then friday evening Luke came home! when i saw his face it was like a weight lifted and when i hugged him i didn't want to let go. the whole family got together for dinner and an evening of simply enjoying the blessing of having one another in our lives. it was such a joyful, fun filled evening. one i know i will always cherish.

saturday we began some spring cleaning. i try to keep the house tidy during the week, but i like to do the deeper cleaning on the weekends when Beau is home because he has this natural talent for organization. once you get that guy started he gets in the zone and doesn't stop until he thinks its perfect. he's my kinda man ;)

sunday was a beautiful day. we spent the morning finishing up the cleaning we started saturday and then headed off to Mass. after Mass we went out to lunch and then to the park to soak up the gorgeous weather.  Owen didn't enjoy the swing quite as much this week, but he did LOVE the sand box.

Beau has today off for MLK Jr. day and O and i plan on taking full advantage of the extra time with Dada.

how was everyone else's weekend?

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  1. I can't get over how adorable he is! I love the sandy foot picture! :)


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