Monday, January 7, 2013

weekend update

this weekend was kind of a blur.

all i could think about was my brother stuck in jail and ever since he was stabbed, 6 days ago, it's been hard to feel happy about anything at all.

i forced myself to get out of the house and went to my familia group. not many were there but it was nice just to have something else to talk about for an hour. the rest of the day was spent discussing lawyers and witnesses and visitation hours. that evening we had pizza and a movie hoping to distract ourselves, but it didn't work. i'm not even sure if the movie was any good or not. my mind was too preoccupied to pay attention.

this was the worst day so far. i'm pretty sure i cried at least 10 times on saturday. we went to Beau's parents house for lunch. it went well, but all i could think about was Luke. when we got home i was feeling like i was at a breaking point. i remembered how my mom always said that sunshine and exercise were more effective than antidepressants. so my mom, my sister, and i went to the park for a walk. while we were there Luke called and i got to talk to him for a few minutes. i can't tell you how wonderful it was to hear his voice!

the morning started off a little rough with a few tears, but going to Mass made the whole day better. the afternoon and evening were really nice. i spent a lot of time playing with O and really being there and enjoying the time without having Luke's situation in the forefront of my mind all day. then Beau and my dad watched a war movie while the rest of us played scattergories and laughed and joked and just had a really good time.

i'm sending Luke a letter today along with a few pictures of Owen and me.

thank you so much to everyone who has offered their prayers and support. you have no idea how much it means to me and to Luke.
please continue to pray for justice for Luke.


  1. sounds like even though your mind is preoccupied, you've got a great support system in your family! Still thinking about you and hoping your brothers' situation improves!! just kiss and hug on your son, baby snuggles can make you feel better no matter what! xoxox

  2. I agree with the above comment -- sounds like you have an awesome support system, and that can do wonders! Been thinking of you and your brother, how awful that this happened and the injustice he is facing! Thoughts are with you all. <3


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