Monday, January 28, 2013

weekend update

friday evening my baby sister had her first ever school dance. she had me curl her hair and borrowed one of my shirts. when did she start fitting in my clothes!?!?
i went with my mom to pick her up and it was so cute to see her having fun with her friends. thank goodness she said boys and girls didn't dance with each other! she's way to young for all that yet!

saturday was a busy busy day. Beau took off to the dmv first thing in the morning to get his license updated so i =t was just me and Owen for most of the day, which normally would be fine... that's how it is every week day, except that i had set aside this day to make mass amounts of baby food and bake Beau's anniversary goodies.
yeah. not an easy task when you've got a baby on your hip the entire time.
why not put him down you might ask?
well, because my baby has this hidden talent. he can sense when i'm trying to be productive (or eat) and immediately needs to be held.
nevertheless got it all done just in time to pretty my self up for my hot date.

since our anniversary fell on a sunday, we decided to celebrate the night before.
we had big plans to go to this comedy club down town.
we drove to the club - walked to a nearby restaurant for dinner - walked back over to the club 30min before the show - found a big "sold out" - got bummed out - decided we couldn't be bummed out on our anniversary - drove closer to home - grabbed a drink (or 3) at a restaurant nearby - spent hours and hours talking and laughing and falling deeper in love - went home and acted silly 

i have to say it was a better anniversary than i could have ever planned.

sunday morning we went to Mass early and then headed over to Beau's parent's house for lunch. we had a fun time there and they had so sweetly decorated to celebrate our anniversary. i also go to meet some of Beau's extended family who i hadn't met before!


  1. What fun pictures! I love the decorations!!

    1. Aren't they great! It was a total surprise too!

  2. I love the decorations! Happy anniversary :)

  3. Looks like you had a great weekend.
    New Follower!


    1. I'm so glad to have you! I just started following along with you too :)


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