Tuesday, January 8, 2013

a much needed date night

with everything going on lately, the hubs decided that we needed a date night. so last night we tucked Owen to sleep, turned on the monitor for my parents upstairs, got dressed up enough to trick anybody into thinking we're fashionable and headed to our favorite pizzeria.

my hot date

we decided to order something new and tried the mac-n-cheese pizza... it was amazing! seriously one of the best pizzas i've ever had. we also had a coupon for free cheesy bread, so we were in cheese heaven.

after dinner we were planning on going to the mall, but we were both so exhausted. instead we picked up a redbox movie, a bottle of wine, and some ben and jerry's, went back home and curled up in bed.

the wine and ice cream were delicious, but the movie, the watch, was really bad. the worst movie we've seen in a while. even still, it was such a fun date night!

i love my hubby for knowing exactly how to get my mind off things and making it happen!

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