Thursday, January 10, 2013

pay it forward and an awkward vlog

30 Second Thursdays

this week i'm joining a fun new vlog link up hosted by Kaitlyn from wifessionals, Samantha from hooah and hiccups, and Hallie from life:oceanside
this is my first time vloging, so bear with me

wow! i expected filming a vlog to be awkward, but that was brutal!
i will definitely be taking the time to look a bit more decent for next week's. ha! 


Brandi over at brooklyn state of mind came up with a great idea to pay it forward in 2013. everyone likes to get gifts in the mail, and a surprise gift that you aren't expecting... that's even better!

the first 5 people to comment on this post with their e-mail (and blog address if you have one) will receive a surprise gift from me sometime in this calendar year. there will likely be no warning, it'll happen when the mood strikes me. it might be music, baked goodies, jewelry, a gift card- who knows!
the catch?
the 5 people who comment must then make the same offer on their blog (or facebook status if you don't have a blog).


  1. You are so cute! Yours was not brutal, mine was horrible!

  2. You weren't awkward at all! You're adorable!!

  3. Yes, its so awkward to film. Mine is so random!


  4. I loved it - and I refilmed mine about 70 times...but now you have the hang of it so new ones will be easy (;


  5. I love it! It is super awkward I always have to do mine like a bajillion times like Kaitlyn says, but they are so fun to watch:)

  6. I haven't done a vlog yet because it's SO awkward, ha! I also don't think I have a's hard to see it on yourself I guess!


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