Thursday, January 31, 2013

it's ok thursdays

Its Ok Thursdays
it's ok...

...that i've already started planning Owen's birthday party, and he just turned 6 months old

...that i went to Publix yesterday and bought nothing but junk food

...i wanted to punch out the nurse who gave O his shots yesterday. you make my baby cry, i'll make you cry! feel like screaming the next time someone tell me Owen looks like Beau. don't get me wrong i couldn't be happier that he looks just like his daddy, but i don't need to be informed 5x a day!

...that i feel so proud of myself for standing up against online bullies

...that i'm supposed to be cooking dinner for 8 tonight and have done zero prep work go enter this giveaway now before its too late!


  1. I still say he is the perfect mix of both of you! Sometimes he looks so much like you and sometimes he looks just like Beau :)


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