Thursday, May 2, 2013

9 months

Owen is 9 months old. It's blowing my mind. I know I something similar every month, but it's true. Each and every month seems to sneak up quicker than the month before. Everyone tells you to enjoy them at every stage because they grow up so fast, but I never really understood that until O was a month old and already so different from the baby he was a birth. 

This month especially though, he has grown so much. He has become an independent little person with a mind and personality of his own.

  • He started crawling on 4/9 and is now a total pro. He speed crawls all over the place, climbing over anything in his way.
  • Right around the same time his two first teeth finally popped through on the bottom. 
  • He is pulling up on everything and climbing. It's already caused a few injuries and freaks me out, but I figure this is nothing compared to the years to come with a boy.
  • He has pretty much completely given up purees. Now he eats whatever we're eating. I must say it makes life a lot easier. And a lot messier!
  • He loves watching Beau and I talk or make noises and trying to mimic us. It is the coolest thing to see him learning.
  • He is a total ham! He preforms for a crowd and he knows he's funny. He'll repeat whatever he's doing just to keep getting a reaction.
  • He has major separation/stranger anxiety. If he's crawling and exploring on his own he's fine, but if I leave the room and he notices, oh boy, he ain't happy. Once that happens he gets majorly clingy and doesn't want to be put down for at least 30 min. 
  • We had a couple rough days when I had to put him in the church nursery while I was in a meeting. We were both in tears. It's just so hard to hear him crying and know he just wants me and not go grab him and hug him tight and tell him I'll never ever abandon him. Thankfully I don't leave him often, so it's not something we have to go through too regularly.
  • Because of his new found mobility, this month's photo shoot proved to be challenging. Sitting still and smiling was the last thing this wiggle worm wanted to do.

Weight- 22lbs 90z
Height- 29"
Clothes- 12-18m
Diapers- Size 4


  1. We had major stranger danger at 9 months too!! Dang he's cute!!

  2. He is super cute and growing so well. He's going to be a big handsome boy!


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