Sunday, May 19, 2013

May is for Moms {an interview with my son}

I'm linking up again for the third and final week of the May is for Moms link up. This week's interview is supposed to be with your child(ren), but since Owen is so young and Finn hasn't made his debut yet, I decided to have Beau answer the questions in their place. 
This is how Beau thinks Owen would answer these questions if he could.
1. What is your favorite thing that you and I do together?
Go to the park. He loves going to the park with you.

2. What is something important I've taught you that you will always remember? (i.e. be nice to everyone, always make your bed, etc.)
To have a kind heart and to treat everyone equally.
3. What is your most special memory about me?
I don't know what he remembers. It's probably when you go get him from the crib first thing in the morning. He's always so happy to see you.

4. What is something nice I always say to you?
I love you.
5. How are you and I the same? How are we different?
You both have love for everyone and are always happy. Your a girl and he's a boy.

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