Saturday, May 18, 2013

Life lately and my sad excuse for a Bumpdate

May has been a busy month... and by busy I mean barely have time to breath let alone do a load of laundry month. We have at least one party of some sort to go to every single weekend in May. There's also Mother's Day and our anniversary and my birthday! 

On top of all the busyness, I'm pregnant and therefore have negative amounts of energy, Owen has his first ear infection and is on antibiotics and has at least one diarrhea blowout a day, and Beau's shoulder is not doing well- he just got the results from his MRI and it looks like he'll be having arthroscopic capsulorrhapy surgery sometime soon, like before he graduates on June 20th.

Needless to say, blogging has been at the bottom of my list of priorities and unfortunately I've been pretty terrible about taking pictures lately. This is all I've got for ya...
I didn't actually mean to take a picture of him screaming crying, but as soon as I starting snapping photos he burst into tears. This is how you know my baby is sick! He's normally such a ham in front of the camera.

Left is 14wks and right is 15wks.
I've thankfully had a lot less morning sickness lately and the headaches haven't been quite as bad either. I still get stomach cramps every once in a while but I've also started to feel him moving around in there! Oh yeah.. for Mother's Day Beau let me get an early gender ultrasound and the lady was 98% sure it's a boy. We go back in a week so she can be 100% sure, but Beau and I already are. Owen is going to have a baby brother!

Our boy name is Finnian Francis. We are so excited to continue our journey of raising little boys. I think God is blessing us with boys because the world needs more men like Beau. 
We can't wait to meet you, Baby Finn!


  1. Hi Katie,

    Congratulations on your second pregnancy! Amazing that you're expecting another handsome baby boy. Finnian is a gorgeous name! Don't worry about the blogging, just enjoy the men in your life and take care of everything else that's happening. Your loyal readers will always be here waiting to read about what you and your gorgeous family have been up to :)

    Fiona @


  2. YOU'RE ADORABLE!! OMG so precious!! And that picture.. poor baby :( That's how Nolan has been acting too... must be in the


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