Tuesday, February 5, 2013

taco dip {recipe}

i'm pretty sure i have yet to meet someone who doesn't love this taco dip! i mean what's not to love? you have everything you could ever want to dip your chips in all in one!

because of how popular it is, this dip is kind of my "go-to" dish to bring to parties and get-togethers with friends. i especially love it because it's easy to make festive for any occasion by piping the sour cream like icing on a cake :)

16oz refried beans
16oz sour cream
1 pkg taco seasoning
16oz your favorite salsa {chunky works best}
shredded cheese {Mexican blend}
16oz guacamole

heat beans according to can
spread heated beans on the bottom of a 9x13 pan leaving one large spoonful aside for later
mix 3/4 the sour cream with the entire pkg of taco seasoning and layer on top of the beans
spread the salsa on top of the sour cream layer
sprinkle enough cheese to cover the salsa as the next layer
spread the guacamole on top leaving the edge of the cheese layer showing
place the large spoonful of beans in the middle on the guacamole and shape into a football
place the remaining sour cream into a zip lock bag and cut off one corner to pipe
decorate the football and field
take a picture quick before someone dips into it!


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