Sunday, February 3, 2013

weekend update

friday was our typical pizza and movie with my family. we watched touchback and it was definitely a tearjerker!

saturday was a lazy day. we spent most of the day hanging around the house and then went for a walk in the park in the afternoon. Owen is getting better and better at feeding himself finger foods but it makes for quite the mess!

sunday morning we went to Mass and one of our decons gave a beautiful homily on loving your neighbor and what it means to be Catholic.
as i'm sure you all know sunday was super bowl sunday! just to give you an idea of how little i know (or care) about football- i thought the 49ers were the 69ers... yeah, i'm probably never gonna live that one down.
i do, however, love to make themed food so i was very excited to create a festive 7 layer dip for the party we went to.

Owen loved watching the game (of course) and we spent the evening with some family friends. i was so excited to get to spend a little time with one of my very best friends!

Owen is quite the ladies man ;)

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