Wednesday, February 13, 2013

a pantry staples quick fix {recipe}

being the mother of a 6 month old, sometimes (ok at least twice a week) 6 o'clock rolls around before i even think about dinner. by that point the last thing i want to do is change outfits (my clothes are always covered in spit up by this point), load the baby in the car, and drive to the nearest wally world! so i head over to the pantry, open it up, and stare.
now normally i stare for about 5-10 min before deciding that the hubby better grill tonight and  feeling like a failure of a wife. 
but last week something amazing happened! 
as i stared into that pantry, instead of my brain turning off the wheels started turning.
believe it or not folks, i came up with a completely original recipe for dinner that night and it actually tasted good!
so i decided that i had to share my genius with the rest of you (it just wouldn't be right to keep this all to myself)

3 cans of tuna {drained}
1 can of corn {drained}
1 can of cannellini beans {drained}
1 1/2 c mayo
1 cap-full of apple cider vinegar
1 bag of fresh spinach

place all 3 cans of tuna in a large bowl. add the mayo and vinegar, mix until completely combined.
add the corn and beans and gently mix into the tuna salad.

you can serve on a bed of baby spinach or on crackers (pictured)
sprinkle with parsley and enjoy!

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