Friday, February 8, 2013

the newlywed game {week 3}

happy friday!

i'm a little late posting today, because Beau is going on his first ride along. so we spent the morning looking at houses (yes we've officially started the house hunt!) and Beau just went in to work the night shift. it feels weird having him leave half way through the day, but i guess i'm gonna have to get used to him working odd hours.

i'm linking up again for this really fun newlywed game. i always love any opportunity to learn more about each other and this is a really fun way to do that!

1. how long were you dating your spouse before getting engaged?
B: um... 6 months?
K: less than 8 months. we fell hard and fast!

2. do you remember your first big fight? if so, what was it about?
B: something stupid while we were drunk, that was all are fights!
K: yes. one of Beau's ex's told me that he was still talking to her. thankfully it was untrue.

3. who said "i love you" first?
B: i did
K: Beau. i was waiting for him to say it, but as soon as he did i was saying it like every 5 min.

4. what is your spouse most afraid of?
B: quote "dangerous dogs" end quote.
K: not being involved enough in our children's lives. he worries about balancing family and job.

5. who uses more hair-care products?
B: you
K: me. all Beau uses is shampoo.

6. who initiated the first kiss? how was it on a scale from 1-10?
B: i did. 20.
K: Beau initiated the first "peck" i initiated the first "real" kiss. you know that song 'are you gonna kiss me or not'? it's like they say- it was the best dang kiss that i ever had, except for that long one after that.

7. you are on your way out and have to turn around because someone forgot something... who was it that most likely forgot something?
B: Katie- who goes back in? Beau
K: me. i'm guilty of forgetting something almost every time we leave. thankfully i have an awesome husband who runs back in to get it ;)

8. who takes longer in front of the mirror?
B: Katie
K: before and after showering, Beau, but in general me.

9. what would your spouse name your children if you had one boy and one girl?
B: Owen and Elizabeth
K: whatever names i picked. as long as they weren't names he completely hated or that would be difficult for others to pronounce. he went through that as a child and hated it, so he doesn't want that for his children.

10. if you were able to give away one thing your spouse owned, what would you choose?
B: those damn shoes {he's talking about these}
K: his ugly old jacket. first of all an old girlfriend gave it to him in high school and second it's just ugly!


  1. aww so sweet to number 3, and love your answer to number 6!!! haha and love number 7!

    great answers! Glad you linked up!

  2. House hunt? How exciting! I've been looking for places to buy myself =)

    Corinne x

  3. I just love you answer to number 6! So true!
    Number 7, I totally get that... I make my husband run back inside too!!
    And oh my husband definitely spends the most time in front of the mirror before and after showering. It's like he's got to look at his muscles flexing in the mirror and make sure they are still there or something. He just can't get enough of his naked self. SO weird!!!

  4. This is a cute idea! Especially in the vein of Valentine's Day this week. Fun way to celebrate your relationship!


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