Friday, October 26, 2012

3 months

I can't believe Owen is 3 months old already!

He now weighs about 15lbs and is about 24in long. He's wearing 6mo. clothes and size 3 diapers.

Our big boy still loves to eat, but this month we've tried to make his days more scheduled by nursing semi-on-demand. He's done OK with it, still trying to figure out why he can't just nurse every time he's cranky.

This month we started sleep training and it went really well. After just one night of torturous, sitting outside his door crying myself, crying he has started sleeping sometimes 12HRS at night.

Every night we do our bedtime routine. Mommy and Daddy give O a bath around 6:30. O loves his bath! After that O gets a fresh diaper and massaged with lotion by mommy. Then Daddy gives O his vitamins and PJ's and Mommy nurses him for 30min. After nursing, Daddy reads a book while Mommy rocks O. When the book is finished, we turn off the lights and say prayers, sing songs, and finally lay down to sleep.
We lay O down while he's still awake and he normally fusses for about 10-15min, but then he's out for at least 8hrs.
Most nights he wakes around 3am for a night feed. He probably doesn't need this feed anymore, but I'm not ready to give up the cuddles.

O loves to lay on his back. On the changing table, on his play mat, on a blanket, he'll smile and giggle and coo. On a good day, he'll have a full blown conversation with you.

He's not such a fan of tummy time, though. It normally only lasts between 1-5 min, but he's so strong! He can lift his chest off the ground with his arms.
O also loves standing! If you're sitting down and holding him he only wants to be standing in your lap. He has recently become a huge fan of his jump-a-roo. He hasn't started jumping yet, but he loves just standing there checking out all the toys.

As of yesterday, we can now see a tiny tooth underneath his gums! I KNEW he was teething cause of all the drooling he's been doing lately.

I love this little man so incredibly much!

<3 Mommy

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