Thursday, October 11, 2012

Life lately...

... has been very busy and stressful.

Beau applied to our county's police department last December. It took them nearly 6 months to give him his first interview and he has just this month, finally, completed all of the interviews, polygraphs, exams, and all the other stressful procedures that lead up to a final job offer. He was told last week that he would receive his final job offer on Monday. Well, Monday came and went with no job offer. And so did Tuesday and Wednesday and now its Thursday and we still haven't heard. 

We NEED this job.

When I was 6 months pregnant I got into a pretty bad car accident preventing me from continuing my job as a nanny. Luckily baby Owen was fine, safe and protected in my womb, but I was heartbroken because I loved the little guy I was taking care of. 
I quickly began to enjoy being unemployed. Although I was ordered by the doctor to "take it easy", I had much more time to prepare our little apartment for Owen. 
It didn't take long though, to feel the effects of losing my income. When I stopped working we had enough money saved up for a down payment on a house, which we hope to be able to buy come November. Within 4 months all of that money is gone and we are practically living paycheck to paycheck. 
Thankfully my wonderful parents offered us their basement apartment until we can get back on our feet, but Beau and I would both much rather be living in our own home.

We NEED this job.

We have been praying so hard and Beau has worked so hard. I feel like we deserve this job! But I have to remind myself to be patient and have faith. The Lord has a plan for us, and it very well might not be the plan we have for ourselves. I trust in the Lord. I trust that he will provide for us. 
But, oh, how we would appreciate this job!

In other news:

My little pumpkin has been out of sorts lately. His early painful reflux issues are resurfacing and he is much crankier than usual.

I took him to the doctor yesterday and he has his first cold. Poor baby! I am enjoying the extra snuggles though.

The weather lately has been absolutely gorgeous, so we've been spending a little more time outside.
 Owen and Mommy
 Owen and Daddy
Owen and Aunt Mary

Beau ran a 5K on Saturday and got 3rd place in 20-24 men. AND he was the first person to finish pushing a stroller!
My running men!

We've got a busy weekend ahead of us. Parties on Friday and Saturday night and we're taking a drive up to the mountains on Sunday to pick apples and visit a pumpkin patch. I'm so excited to start a fall family tradition! I promise LOTS of photos next week.

<3 KEV

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