Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy 24th Anniversary! 10-23-12

 To my amazing parents!
You are better parents than a girl could have wished for and I am so blessed that God gave you to me. I only hope that I can be the parent to my children that you were to me.

Thank you for raising me in the faith and more than that, for always living the faith.

Thank you for pushing me to do my best in school and work growing up.

Thank you for giving me so many siblings that made, and continue to make my life more full.

Thank you for giving me the perfect example of a marriage and how to love your spouse unconditionally.

Thank you for teaching me the importance of honesty, even if telling the truth is hard.

Thank you for showing me how to manage money well and always live within my means.

Thank you for always supporting me and my decisions, even when they might not be the decisions you would have made.

Thank you for teaching me generosity. 

Thank you for loving and supporting Beau as though he's your 6th son.

Thank you for being the most wonderfully loving grandparents to Owen. Every child deserves grandparents like you!

I Love Like A Raven
By: Luke O'Donovan

Raven's colors of purple and black
In darkness there is no lack
Yet she mates but once and never falters
Unlike many humans who disgrace the altars
And yet he still woos his mate
Unlike some men who grow bored of what was once called fate
Yes very few men get to love like me
For I fell in love with thee

Inspired by the love of Liz and Donal O'Donovan, my parents

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