Friday, October 5, 2012

Fill in the blank Friday!

I found this fun idea on one of my new favorite blogs. This blogger, Lauren, has a little munchkin just a few months older than mine, so I like to take a peek into what my life might resemble in the not-so-distant future.

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1.  The last thing I ate was    yummy pepperoni pizza from Little Caesar's. Friday night pizza is a long standing tradition in my family, so Beau and I always spend Friday night at my parents house eating pizza, drinking beer, and watching a Redbox movie. Its fun    .

2.  The last time I went to the beach was   in April. For Valentine's Day I bought Beau a ticket to Jeep Beach, which I had convinced him I would NEVER go to (hehehe! I love to give him presents he'll never expect) So we spent a long weekend at Dayton Beach having our last little vacation before Owen was born   .

3.  My last vacation was   Jeep Beach. In April, When I was 5 months pregnant  .

4. The last place I drove was     to Familia at the church this morning. Today was the first meeting and it got me so excited to spend time with some wonderful women and grow my faith and understanding of how to be the wife and mother God calls me to be .

5. The last song I listened to was    T.I.- Let em Out. I hate this kind of music, but Beau was looking for some other song on YouTube and clicked on this one instead .

6. The last thing I watched on TV was    "Up All Night" on Hulu this evening. The last thing I watched on the actually TV screen was the debate .

7.  The last time I said "I love you" was  when I put Owen to bed for the night. He's on a schedule,  sleeping through the night now! It was way easier than I thought it would be. I planning a whole post on it soon. Whenever I find the time  .

We've got a fun weekend ahead! I'll try to take lots of pictures, but sometimes I get so caught up in living the moments that I forget to capture them. I guess that isn't necessarily a bad thing.


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