Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A fun fall weekend

This weekend was jam-packed with fun. I think poor little O was worn out by Sunday night ( I know Mommy was!)


We spent a little time outside in the gorgeous weather before heading down the road to my cousin, Seth's, 12th birthday party. Happy Birthday Seth! 

It was a great night. Full of laughter and lots of stories and memories of my family's time spent in Ireland. I hope I can take Beau on a trip to the 'Old Country' someday to show him all the places I've told him stories about.


My fabulous husband let me sleep in and spent the morning cleaning the apartment, all while keeping O happy. He really is perfect!

After O took a long nap, we spent the afternoon cheering Mary on at her soccer game. 

O Baby had the best seat in the house ;)
He loves his daddy!
I am so happy I finally caught this on camera.
Mary scored her first goal of the season and her team won the game! Go, Mary, Go!
Saturday night we went to an Oktoberfest party some friends of ours threw. There were lots of other babies and yummy food. But since the party started at 6:30 (when O's bedtime routine normally begins) we didn't get to stay very long.


We spent Sunday in the beautiful North Ga mountains! Aunt Mary was kind enough to join us for the fun. (Lucky O!)

We left early and stopped at a little mountain church for Mass.
Then we hit up the Ellijay Apple Festival, Hillcrest Orchards, and ended the day at Burt's Pumpkin Farm.

Mary - very happy that I'm making her pose for pictures ;)

Sucking on my finger is the only thing that will comfort O Baby.

It's amazing to me how quickly his emotions can change. He was so upset seconds before this.

She is such an amazing Aunt!

My Beau enjoying the yummiest apple fritter w/ homemade ice cream.

He was just about over it all.

Aunt Mary and O Baby at the pumpkin farm

O's first pumpkin photos. I will continue to torture him with these for at least the next 15 years. 

The best picture we got.

O was done

But we continued to try 

He was so not happy about being kissed
Notice the first family picture, I have sunglasses on. Expensive sunglasses. I took them off to take the rest of the pictures and.... left them in the middle of the pumpkin patch. Damn.

Poor little O was exhausted. So was Mommy!

The weekend was exhausting, but lots of fun! And to top it all off Owen slept for 12 hours straight Sunday night! I was one happy Momma!

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