Friday, December 7, 2012

4 months

this post is almost two weeks late, but better late than never!

our sweet baby O is 4 months old!

bedtime is around 7 every night. although he was sleeping through the night last month, he has started waking for a 4am feeding again. i don't mind though, cause we just get a little cuddle time and then he goes back to sleep for 3-4 more hours. 

sleeping during the day is a much different story. O will only take naps for Daddy, so he usually only sleeps in the car or while nursing during the week. on a rare lucky day, he'll give me one nap!

O absolutely ADORES his Daddy. it makes me so happy to see the bond the two of them have. O just lights up when Beau gets home from work.

O has such a playful personality. he loves to giggle and blow raspberries. he loves when i sing and dance with him and i swear he tries to sing along! 

 O has great head control and loves to sit (with support.) he has started rolling over during the night, but still wont do it during tummy time. he loves his uncles and aunt Mary and even recognizes them when he sees them. he hates being cradled and only wants to be held where he can look out at the world.

Our big boy's stats
weight: 16lbs 50-75%
height: 253/4 in 75%
clothes: 6mo
diapers: size 3


  1. Happy 4 months to your little O! He's such a cutie. My son was just the same with being held - except for those very early newborn days, we could never hold him in the 'baby' pose - he always wanted to be over my arm or facing outwards!

  2. How sweet! Little boys with their daddies is just the best. :)


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