Thursday, December 20, 2012

baby food making

when i first got pregnant i had all these big ideas about how i would have a "natural" home birth and only use cloth diapers and breastfeed for at least a year and make my own baby food. and well, the reality is i'm just not cut out for all that. i thank God for giving my the sense to go to birth in the hospital and demand an epidural and i changed my mind on the cloth diaper thing about 20wks into my pregnancy. just a week ago we started supplementing a couple feedings a day with formula (i'll post more about this). 
but the one thing that i've stuck to is the baby food making.

Owen just turned 4 months old, two weeks ago and i just had to see if he was ready for pureed food! he is such a big eater that i just knew he'd love "real" food. so i gave him some pureed carrots and he loved it! he slurped it down without pushing much back out at all. 

seeing how much he enjoyed carrots i couldn't wait to make all kinds of other purees for him to try and i remembered the big purchase we made while i was pregnant. 

so i pulled out the recipe book and decided on butternut squash, brown rice cereal, and sweet potatoes.
i was so surprised how easy everything was to make, and although it took some time, since i made 3 different foods, the freezer containers held it all and it will last for 3 months!

some more of his favorites are apple sauce, pear, and bananas mixed with plain yogurt.


  1. I love this and will so be looking into that amazing kit! My girl is turning five months soon so we'll have to look into this....


  2. I've always planned on making J's baby food too! I'm so excited for when he starts solids! :)


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