Thursday, December 27, 2012

christmas update

this year was Owen's first christmas, and considering he isn't going to remember any of it (like he probably forgot as soon as he went to bed) we didn't do too much. although, i did start to feel really guilty on christmas eve when i realized we had bought ONE gift for O. so i ran out and picked up a few toys that i wanted him to have for his development. i hate the idea of buying a bunch of junk you don't need just because it's christmas. that's sooo not the reason for the season! 

anyway, O gave us the best gift ever and slept through the night until 7:30AM! i felt like a new woman christmas morning, i had actually gotten more than 4 hours of sleep! we started the morning by taking an "on the way to the tree" picture and singing happy birthday to Jesus. then we showed O his presents, which he wasn't very interested in and opened our presents for each other. my wonderful husband got me the sewing machine i've been dying to purchase. he's the best :) 

once we had our private family christmas in our basement apartment we went upstairs and exchanged gifts with my parents and siblings. it was so awesome to have all my siblings together on christmas morning. for a minute i felt like i was 10 again. the rest of the day was spent enjoying the company of my family. my mom's two brothers and their families, one of my dad's brothers and his family, and my Nana all came over for a big christmas feast. it really was the perfect day and i'm finding myself relived to say that i hardly took any pictures, because actually being present and in the moment mean so much more than capturing "the perfect shot" on a day like that.

Owen is so lucky to have 5 uncles who adore him, even if they are a little rough around the edges ;)

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