Monday, December 17, 2012

show and tell

i've skipped a few weeks of show and tell monday. it's a crazy time of year, with so much going on i haven't had as much time to blog, but it's one of my favorite link-ups so i'm baaaack ;)

this week we're showing and telling about christmas, which just so happens to be my favorite holiday!

1. Tell us what your favorite thing about Christmas is.
my favorite thing about christmas is definitely spending so much time with family. just enjoying each other's company and making memories that will last a life time. i love how someone always ends up breaking out in song christmas night and we all sit around the fire drinking coffee or hot chocolate.

2. Tell us what your plans are for Christmas this year.

this year we are planning to spend christmas at my parent's house. three of my uncles and their families will be there, so it's gonna be a full house (just how i like it) we're especially excited because it's Owen's very first christmas. the youngest of my cousins is 10, so it's been a long time since there's been a baby at christmas. 

3. Show us a picture of Christmas in the past. Or present.

4. Do you wrap your presents all in one box, or do you like wrap each present separetely?

i love unwrapping gifts! so i almost always choose wrapping paper over gift bags and wrap each gift separately. i also love wrapping gifts and making them pretty with ribbon and bows.

4. Tell us about any special traditions that you or you and your family like to do
this is our first christmas as a family, so we're starting new traditions as well as continuing some that i did with my family as a child. one of the ones we're continuing is secret santa. since we're living in my parent's house this christmas we decided to take part in their secret santa drawing. 
a tradition we're starting for our own family is unwrapping and reading a christmas book every night before bed. O is too young to really appreciate it yet, but i hope it's a tradition that he will come to love!

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  1. Awe, baby's first Christmas! How exciting! Love the photo, so cute.


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