Thursday, December 13, 2012

december birchbox

my birchbox arrived last week and i was so siked to see what was inside! 

$50 credit for rent the runway: this was the greatest thing in the box! if you've never heard of them you HAVE to go check them out. you can rent designer dresses and accessories for a fraction of the price. it's perfect for the holidays or any occasion where you want to wear something amazing but don't want to break the bank. i'm definitely gonna use my credit towards an outfit for our first anniversary in january.

juicy couture: this was the little perfume sample. it was too over powering for my taste. i prefer something subtle. 

mox botanicals pomegranate and fig lib butter: i love this stuff! it smells so good and feels like silk on my lips. the only downside would be that you have to reapply more often than i'd like. 

the balm cosmetics- hot mama: this is great because it doubles as an eye color and a blush. the color is really pretty, not too bold on your cheeks. 

No. 4 clarifying shmapoo: i haven't tried this yet, but i'm really excited about it. i've been dying to try a good clarifying shampoo.

tweezerman filemate: there isn't much i can say about this. it's a nail file... it was a pretty design!

overall i was really pleased with this month's box! it's so much fun to get goodies in the mail :)
if you're interested in signing up click here! there's a waiting list, but i got my first box less than a month after signing up.

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  1. I got my december box in the mail today :)
    haven't done a review on it yet, I'm waiting til I get my glam bag in the mail to compare the two!
    I got the mox botanicals lip butter last month & love it, but I agree that I have to re-apply it more often than I'd like! glad you did a review :)


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