Wednesday, December 5, 2012


i'm sorry about losing my temper last night. i was hurt and angry. 
i contemplated removing the post this morning, but i decided i want to be honest. when i get hurt i get defensive and i don't think that makes me a bad person, i think that makes me human. we all have flaws and i'm not going to hide mine to try and make me look like a more perfect person.


now on to the fun stuff!
let me tell you, i look forward to this link-up every week. i LOOOOVE my husband and our marriage so i love having an excuse to talk about it :)
when i saw this week's topic i got even more excited than i normally do because i immediately knew exactly what to write about!

If money were not an option (say, you won the lottery) what would you buy your man?

i would buy him a 4-door jeep and let him go all out souping it up. and if money were not an option, i'd let him take it off-roading whenever he wanted :)
then we could get rid of his old money pit of a jeep and have another vehicle that we own full out. 


  1. My husband would L.O.V.E this! He loves Jeeps and recently had to sell a project one he was working on because our house needed a few upgrades. Still feel bad about it.. not so much though when I walk on our new hardwood floors;)

    1. I would sell his Jeep for some nice dark hardwood floors in a heartbeat! ;)

  2. I like that idea! I hope my would-be wife would be as considerate as you. I don’t think any man can ever refuse a jeep, off-road trips and freedom! :D Some men, by and large, don’t want a suffocating married life. Is that the exact model you’d buy your husband if ever?

  3. If money isn’t really an issue, I’d probably purchase not just one but many cars different types! I would want to have a jeep, a sports car like Bugatti Veyron, a Beetle, and a minivan. But with my financial condition, I think I would just go for a modern Bug car. Hehe!


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