Saturday, December 1, 2012

Holy Hell! How many are there?

This is the response I got when I asked my husband if we could do a question and answer post for my blog. That might give you a little idea of how much he despises these things. But since I LOVE them, we do them a lot more often than he'd like. 

Sorry babe!

This Q & A is part of a link-up over at Love the Grows, one of my daily reads. I can wait to read what other people answer and see how many other husband consider this worse than water boarding. 

His&Her Q&A

Here goes-

What do you do when you're angry?
His: I get really quiet and tense.
Her: I get quiet too when I first get angry and then move on to angry loud talking and then crying.

What is an item of clothing your other half has that you wish they would throw away?
His: all the shoes that she doesn't ever wear and I've never seen her wear.
Her: at least half of his "free T-shirt" collection. 

What is the greatest family vacation you went on as a kid?
His: I guess to Florida. That's all we ever really did. We never did anything special.
Her: we took an "East Coast trip" where we drove to a bunch of different cities on the way to NYC and back. Every stop was like it's own separate vacation and I love road trips with my family.

Would you want to live in the city, country, or beach?
His: country
Her: country. My dream is buy a few acres to build a little farm house with a chicken coupe out back and a few cows grazing the grass. 

How do you handle farting in front of each other?
His: Fine.
Her: I don't fart ;) but seriously when I have to, I don't hold back.

What is your favorite type of cake?
His: red velvet/ carrot
Her: cookie cake. I'm a kid at heart!

What is the first thing you do when you get home from work?
His: give my wife a kiss and steal my son.
Her: I'm a stay at home mom, but the first thing I do when Beau gets home is hand him Owen. His bed time is just an hour after Beau gets home, so I know they need as much time together as possible.

What is a phrase or word your other half frequently says?
His: "I don't know. Go ask your dad."
Her: "I'll do it."- he's such a gentleman "damn it"- sometimes he gets frustrated doing whatever it is he said he'll do 

Did you exaggerate anything when you were first dating?
His: How bad ass I was.
Her: How funny I thought he was.

Who is your others half as a superhero?
His: Wonder Woman
Her: Batman. He's a regular guy who would kill for a Bat Mobile and fights for justice. I think I fit better as the female version of Robin! 

These are his mostly one-worded answers. Hopefully we'll work are way up to more detailed answers as we continue to link-up each week. 

That's right honey, we're doing this once a week now! ;)


  1. Sounds like we have very similar dreams for our future living arrangements. A few acres with some chickens and cows? I am so down with that! :)

  2. I love this idea and your husband is a good sport. I do the whole quiet, talking, cry thing too!

    I am new sponsor on Sippy Cups and Pearls and am visiting and liking all the other sponsors :)


    1. Awesome! I really enjoy sponsoring Whitney's blog! I'm a new follower :)

  3. "Did you exaggerate anything when you were first dating?
    His: How bad ass I was.
    Her: How funny I thought he was."


    tOO FUNNY!


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