Monday, November 26, 2012

baby/thanksgiving weekend update

i am happy to say that Owen is peacefully sleeping in his crib.
it was a long day, to say the least. this morning he woke up sweating, we're talking soaking hands and feet, and running a 100.6 temp under the arm. after calling the nurse, i learned, to my dismay, that i had to take is temp rectally for it to be accurate. so i did. and his temp, after 1hr of tylenol  was 100.7. so the nurse had me come in for the second time in less than a week! (O was so constipated the doc called for an x-ray last tues.) we got to the office and they examined him and everything looked fine, his fever had gone down to 100.1 and his blood work came back normal. then, of course, as soon as we got home, his temp spiked back up to 101.7 and he had his 3rd blowout for the day. after cleaning all that up and another dose of tylenol his temp went back down to 100.7 and has stayed there so far.

it was literally painful today to see him in so much pain. he would just moan and drift in and out of sleep. it was the first time i really felt helpless. he was in so much pain and there was nothing i could do about it. i was surprised how physically painful it was for me to see him like that.

i am praying so hard that this was just a 24/hr bug and he'll be back to my silly, playful, demanding baby tomorrow. but... i'm being realistic and preparing myself for a long night.

now to catch up!

this week i'm doing two link-ups in one :)


 this weekend started early with my second favorite holiday, thanksgiving!

thursday morning O was so excited for his first thanksgiving that he just couldn't sleep past 6am! lucky mommy! so our thanksgiving got off to an early start, and honestly i'm thankful. having an early start gave me ample time to get pretty looking like a normal human being does on a normal day. so i put on straightened my hair, put on perfume, got on a semi-fashionable outfit, and even threw on some make-up- all things that don't happen often since O was born. so... i demanded that we take our chirstmas photos!

most of them ended up like this... but we got a few good ones and i'm so excited about sending out our first christmas cards!

then we headed over to my uncle's house for thanksgiving dinner. it was a full house with 20 people! of course everyone was doting on O and my uncle even prayed a special prayer of thanksgiving for O while blessing the food. after the feast, the men cleaned the kitchen ( i know! can you believe it?) and everyone hung out until finally O was exhausted and we went home. 

our black friday tradition is to do anything but go shopping. no, but seriously, our tradition is to decorate for christmas the day after thanksgiving. so we got dressed up all festive and put on the christmas music and decked the halls. O loved the shiny christmas tree, he couldn't take his eyes off it!

then after all the decorating was done, Mary decided she wanted to donate her hair to locks of love. i am so proud of her and doesn't she look gorgeous!

saturday was spent playing board games with my fam. it was a lot of fun! and it turns out i was too busy having fun to remember to take pictures.. oops
that afternoon we ventured out to have lunch with Beau's good friend Joey. He leaves for boot camp today and will be missed! 

sunday was nice and relaxing. O was really great during mass, never once had to go outside! :)
after mass one of my very best friends, Halle, came over to say hi. she is living in florida now, but was home for the holidays. O was talking and laughing and being the silly little guy he is. he loved her!

sorry for the overload! things will be back to normal soon (i hope)

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  1. Hope the little guy is feeling better! Poor thing :( He's so adorable!

    Other than that it looks like a great weekend! And how cool that Mary donated her hair!

    Thanks for linking up with us :)


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