Friday, November 16, 2012

Sorry for being AWOL

sorry i haven't been around for the past few days.

Owen is currently teething and constipated and going through a growth spurt so O's schedual these days is...
eat. play happily for 30min. fuss cause my teefies hurt/my tummy hurts/i'm hungry. eat. repeat.
throw in an hour long nap somewhere in there and that's our day.

needless to say, i haven't had much time to write any blog posts (even now, i'm typing this while nursing him for the 7th time today).

but i had to make time tell everyone about the giveaway i'm participting in over at sippy cups and pearls!
if you aren't following Whitney's blog yet, go now and follow. she is a wife, momma, and Jesus lover like me, and that's what she blogs about.

so go check her out, say hi, check out some of her other amazing sponsors, and while your there enter the giveaway to win some pretty great stuff!

have a wonderful weekend! i'm going to use this weekend to work on a couple posts and hopefully life will be back to normal by monday.
fingers crossed!

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