Tuesday, November 6, 2012

tuesday topics- 1 million dollars

here's something fun :)
with 1 million buckaroonos i would...

1. i would buy a big piece of beautiful land in the country and...

2. most of the money i spent would build my dream home. a beautiful white farmhouse with dark shutters and a wraparound porch.

somewhere along these lines
3. i would donate to charity 

4. i would put a good chunk of the money into savings

5. i would buy lots of new pretty clothes

6. Beau and i would open a little bbq restaurant

7. i would stock the perfect homeschooling room including all the materials we could ever need for all kinds of fun projects

8. i would buy a 4 door jeep and...

  9. let Beau customize it however he wanted

10. then he would have to let me buy a mini van ;)

that was surprisingly hard to think of 10 things!


  1. love that picture of that dream house! sure is "dreamy!" haha. found your blog from the Tuesday topic link up! newest follower!!

  2. That house is gorgeous! Thanks for linking up! Cute blog!


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