Monday, November 19, 2012

show and tell monday- all things thanksgiving

1. Tell us about your family traditions for Thanksgiving
watching the parade and thanksgiving dinner with all the family that lives close by. this is our first thanksgiving as a family, and we are going to continue with this tradition. as our family grows, i'm sure thanksgiving will eventually change to a holiday spent at home, with family coming to visit us.

2. Tell us about your favorite foods
my mom makes the most amazing buttery mashed potatoes every year! i also love stuffing and, of course, pumpkin pie!

3. Show us a picture that reminds you of this holiday

tiny turkey dinner cupcakes I made for thanksgiving 2010

4. Tell us, do you wait to decorate for Christmas before or after Thanksgiving?
all of our christmas decorations go up on the day after thanksgiving. staying home listening to christmas music, decorating the house, and spending time with family is so much more fun than black friday shopping!

5. Tell us what you are thankful for this year
i am thankful for so many things. the Lord has truly blessed me in so many ways this year. 
i am thankful for my husband, for all he does for our family and i'm thankful for the job he got with the police dept. 
i am thankful for the beautiful son God blessed us with in July. 
i am thankful for my familia group. i so look forward to our meetings, they bring me so much closer to God.
i am thankful for my parents and for the wonderful grandparents they are to O. they love him so unconditionally!
i am thankful for my siblings. i am unbelievably impressed at what amazing uncles and aunt they are.
i am thankful for Beau's family, because without them i would not have my wonderful husband.


  1. seriously those cupcakes are sooo different! What was all of the toppings made of?!? So creative!! :) Have a Happy Thanksgiving!! :)

    1. Thanks! The green sprinkles are green beans. The red sprinkles are cranberry sauce. The white icing is mashed potatoes with yellow food coloring as butter. The Brachs maple candy is turkey slices with melted chocolate as gravy. They are really yummy and fun for the kiddos!


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