Thursday, November 1, 2012

busy busy

So today has been crazy hectic!
O has decided he doesn't like to nap, so he's basically been in my arms all day... normally this would be fine, but because I'm such an awesome procrastinator I have thank you notes to finish writing, Familia chapters to read, photos to enhance, e-mails to reply to, laundry to put away, groceries to shop for all by tomorrow. Yeah... I don't see much sleep happening tonight.
So of course once I have five minutes of free time, I decide to use it blogging :)

I just couldn't resist sharing some pics from Owen's very first Halloween!

It wasn't all that eventful for him considering his bedtime routine starts at 6:30 but we did enjoy the fall weather and help Aunt Mary and her friend Megan get their costumes ready.

Then once O was fast asleep, Nana listened to the moniter and let me and Beau get in a fun date night.
Beau was James Bond and I was a nurse. 

Pretty good for throwing them together last minute, eh?
We had such a fun time. These kind of last minute dates are one of the perks of living in my parents basement. 

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  1. Um he is the CUTEST little pumpkin I've ever seen!! How adorable.


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