Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend update


On Friday I drove Beau to work (we still only have one working vehicle) so that I would have the car for the day. That morning I went to Familia to enjoy time with other mommies while growing deeper in faith and understanding God's plan for me as a wife and mother. I cannot express how full of joy I feel after we meet. Finding this group of women has been such a blessing in my life.


On Saturday Beau was so awesome and watched Owen while I ran errands. I spent the morning at Kid-to-Kid buying winter clothes for O. I got him a huge bag full of great stuff for only $60, that's including 2 winter coats! Then I hit up Target to take advantage of 50% off Halloween products.

Later on that day, while O was napping, Beau and I layed on the tramploine together enjoying the beautiful weather. It was so nice.

That evening, after O went to bed, Beau and I watched The 5 Year Engagement. It was stupid, I would definitely not recommend it.


Sunday started early when Owen woke up for a feeding at 3:30am. He hadn't done that in 2 weeks! Luckily he nursed and when right beck to sleep, but he was wide awake at 6am. :( He normally sleeps until at least 7, but I guess he didn't get the Fall Back memo!

Since my Aunt Jeannie is visiting, she, my mom, Mary, and Michael watched O so Beau and I could got to Mass and out to lunch. It was really nice to be able to sit together throughout.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful, nice and relaxing.

Oh! I almost forgot! Owen rolled over for the first time! It was so exciting! I can't believe how fast my little man is growing and learning!
I tried to get it on video, but of course as soon as I pulled out my phone he got camera shy.

All in all this weekend was very productive!
some how I ended up with no pictures from this weekend :(

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